Through our brands we create experiences

Samali Hotels & Resorts

Through our brands we create experiences

Samali Hotels & Resorts

Samali Hotels & Resorts adalah grup hotel di Indonesia yang didirikan pada bulan Agustus 2011 dan antusias dalam perencanaan serta desain proyek bangunan di beberapa lokasi di Indonesia. Samali Hotels dan Resorts terdiri dari beberapa brand yaitu: Ammi Luxurious Collection (bintang 5), Allium Upscale Collection (bintang 4), Arum Traveller Collection (bintang 3) dan Azara Bed & Breakfast Collection (bintang 2).

Nama Samali berasal dari Bahasa Sansekerta yang berarti `rangkaian bunga`, dengan demikian, setiap brand ditunjuk menggunakan suatu nama bunga tertentu. Samali memiliki arti rangkaian atau koleksi bunga yang secara kreatif dan bijaksana dikembangkan untuk kesenangan dan efisiensi.

Dengan menggabungkan budaya dan gaya yang ditemukan di setiap wilayah menjadi perpaduan yang menawan, setiap hotel Samali mencerminkan kepribadian yang unik, bertumpu pada sejarah dan karakteristik dimana ia berdiri, sehingga dapat meningkatkan nilai asetnya, tidak hanya pada properti, tetapi juga pada sumber daya manusianya.

Samali berkomitmen untuk memberikan layanan pribadi yang terbaik dan bijaksana untuk setiap tamunya didukung oleh fasilitas yang modern setara dengan jaringan hotel kelas internasional. 


Ammi Hotels

Hotel Ammi is categorized under the Samali Luxury Hotel Collection due to their prime location and outstanding hotel structure reflecting genuine urban style and characteristics. Combined with comfortable yet refined atmosphere inside the building, it is a blend of harmony between composition and unique, yet elegant, interior design.

Guests at our Hotel Ammi may enjoy the luxury of spacious rooms and fine linen.

Meeting facilities are technologically advanced and complete, ready to suit every guest's needs from corporate meetings, exhibitions, social gatherings to weddings, with a ballroom of generous size and a selection of smaller function rooms.

For dining options, our array of restaurants and room service delivers promise of taste and uniqueness of place and service.

Hotel Ammi offers exceptional facilities and services whilst assuring utter value for our distinguished guests where exclusive and private ambiance, memorable experience and unparalleled personalized service mark our hotels as one of a kind new luxury experience.

Allium Hotels

Attractive hotel exterior and interior design with delightful atmosphere facilitated by gracious and efficient hospitality service in its every aspect, the Allium marks Samali’s Upscale Hotel Collection, a great destination from business to family stay.

To accommodate our guests' needs and comfort, each of our guestroom and suite embodies warmth with timeless modern design, furnished with attractive amenities.

Our 4 star hotels in Indonesia can accommodate the most demanding meeting needs from tailored meetings to inspiring gatherings with full banquet service and facilities.

Guests who are staying in our hotel for business may enjoy hassle-free assistance provided by our team of professionals, from our Floor Concierge who will assist guests on their way to meeting rooms or any other desired venue, to our event and catering team who will ensure seamless banquet service.

For dining pleasure, each hotel provides thematic restaurants for a memorable dining experience.

Arum Hotels

Arum Traveller Hotel Collection or the Arum hotels are designed for a most relaxing and stylish accommodation.

Arum hotels offer excellent-value spacious rooms with comfortable beds, furnishing and modern facilities with attentive and outstanding service to meet every guest’s needs. At Arum, rely on the service of our staffs who will be delighted to assist with every detail as we aim to exceed expectations.

For meetings and workshops, our 3 star hotels in Indonesia are equipped with adequate conference rooms from small to medium-size functions and modern equipment for any successful business ventures.

At Arum, everything is well thought of so that our guests will feel as if they are at their second home, staying for a complete value-added experience.

Azara Hotels

A great value hotel, Azara Bed & Breakfast Collection emphasizes quality, ideal comfort and warm dedicated service for the business and leisure travellers on the go.

All our Azara Hotels are located in strategic urban areas and carefully designed with well furnished, well equipped rooms, enabling guests to enjoy convenient and comfortable stay at affordable rates.




Samali Hotels & Resorts

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