About MABA

Company at a Glance

It was the dream of founding a new line of hotels and restaurants that started Marga Abhinaya Abadi as a company. Throughout the years, the service industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The hospitality industry has positively impacted the global economy by highly contributing to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), nationally and internationally. Significantly, it has also provided numerous employment opportunities and has led to innovative property developments.

Established in 2009, Marga Abhinaya Abadi set its mind into creating and developing the brand identity :

  • ABMA Land
  • Samali Hotels and Resorts
  • Dream Food

The aim is to create brands that would have real value, build signature products and services of quality, managed by a team of experienced professionals By being consistent in its efforts to increase brand recognition, Marga Abhinaya Abadi pursues opportunities for expansion.

To support its business activities, PT MABA Tbk acquires PT Anugerah Berkah Madani (ABMA), a limited liability company engaged in the development of housing (real estate), apartments, offices, shopping centers and the like. MABA's business activities will have significant results when consolidated with business activities in the field of development. The consolidation is expected to increase MABA's value derived from the increase of asset value and growth projection, and can strengthen the source of income, with the combination of income from property assets and recurring income from hotel and restaurant contributions.

The Eternal Flame

The names Marga and Abhinaya are both derived from the Sanskrit language. Marga meaning pathway, refers to the path the company is committed to undertake to achieve success. Abhinaya expresses enthusiasm, therefore it is the passion and loyalty instilled in the company’s people to consistently work and learn by heart. Abadi or never-ending, as in continuity, a sacred Indonesian word, that permits the term to keep on growing and creating. Marga Abhinaya Abadi, thus, is a place for those who seek and believe in the power of their dreams to develop and deliver quality and value.


To become a leading company with our commitment to provide consistent,
genuine customer experience through the delivery of quality products and services


To deliver consistency of quality in our products

To ensure exceptional service at all establishments

To give best return on investment to our shareholders

To cultivate pride and passion in the workplace

To develop true professionals and improve employee welfare

To ensure assets continuously grow in value

To always show a sense of gratitude


Integrity. Trust. Solution.

Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles as well as the state of being whole and undivided.

MABA is committed to meet the needs of its investors and customers with regards to property development plan and ensuring product quality and genuine service.

Trust by definition is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of a person or institution.

MABA strives to build a solid reputation in order to achieve business success. The company is committed to build mutually beneficial relationship with its investors and customers based on trust and reliable corporate governance practices.

Solution is a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.

MABA is committed to continuous improvement and research to obtain new opportunities for development and earn public trust.

Message from CEO

Adrian Bramantyo

Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to the world of value. In our company, we always try to deliver only the best for our customers, our shareholders, by creating VALUE that matters the most. We can grow, we can perform, we can be big, but it would be nothing without value creation from within.

We see our people as idea factory, so that the involvement from every one of us would generate more and more innovations in order to deliver what our customers want, and what our customers need.

Board of Commissioners & Directors

MABA is led by a team of dedicated Board of Commissioners and Directors experienced in property and amenity development with strong commitment in realizing the company’s goal in line with its vision, mission and philosophy.

Joko Margono
Joko Margono Chief of Commissioner

Joko Margono

Chief of Commissioner

Joko brings over 30 years of experience in the urban amenities sectors of the Indonesian Railways Company (KAI), including Human Capital and General Affairs, Development and Logistics and Safety and Security in 2014.

He was also Commissioner to Reska Multi Usaha, a subsidiary of KAI that manages railway restaurant services.

Joko became Independent Director of Human Resources for Augerah Berkah Madani in 2016 and currently appointed as Chief Commissioner of Marga Abhinaya Abadi in early 2017.

Joko obtained his Master’s degree in Business Administration from STIE IEU, Bandung, in 1994 and Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 1979 from Surabaya Institute of Technology (ITS). 

Taufan Edy Raharjo
Taufan Edy Raharjo Director

Taufan Edy Raharjo


Taufan was Project Manager at (PT. PP) Persero Tbk for a decade before appointed to CEO of PDAM Tegal, Central Java. He joined PT. SGB in 2010 as CEO of PT. Putra Indonesia Bersama (PIB).

He received his Master’s degree in Management from the University of Jenderal Soedirman, Purwokerto, Central Java; and his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from University of Wijaya Kusuma, Surabaya.

Andre Legoh
Andre Legoh Director

Andre Legoh


Andre has been involved in the business development sector for over 20 years. Appointed as Director since 2003, he has played a major role in the companies where he endeavored in.

His achievements included Essence Darmawangsa Apartment, Jakarta, where he served as President Director in 2005.

Other successes included becoming Director at Saligading Bersama and Anugerah Berkah Madani. Andre has served as Commissioner to Marga Abhinaya Abadi since 2012.

A graduate of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in the field of Architecture in 1994, Andre also pursued the world of accounting and finance, and received his qualifications from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) in 2001. 

Indradjati Independent Commissioner


Independent Commissioner

Indradjati With over 30 years of experience in various companies, led to Indradjati’s appointment at Marga Abhinaya Abadi, where he is currently serving as Independent Commissioner.

His early experiences included Project Manager for various buildings, bridges and dams projects across Indonesia, and then to becoming part of the Board of Management at Nindya Karya from 2004 to 2009. He also held positions in the Human Resources Department, including General Manager Human Resources.

Indradjati graduated from Surabaya Institute of Technology (ITS) in 1980 with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and received his Master of Management degree from Global University, Jakarta, in year 2000.

Adrian Bramantyo
Adrian Bramantyo Chief Executive Officer

Adrian Bramantyo

Chief Executive Officer

Appointed as CEO at a young age, Adrian Bramantyo Musyanif successfully guides the organization in determining its strategic direction and competitive positioning.

With his strong analytical skills and innovative mind, Adrian enjoys researching and identifying revenue generating projects. Adrian joined Saligading Bersama at Research and Development where he became Director in 2009. 

Adrian was entrusted as CEO of Marga Abhinaya Abadi since 2013. Adrian graduated from the University of Indonesia, where he majored in Business and Management.

Lola Arieza
Lola Arieza Finance Director

Lola Arieza

Finance Director

Lola has held various significant positions in several reputable companies that strengthen her skill and career path in the world of Finance and Accounting as she is entrusted with the position of Finance Directorat at Marga Abhinaya Abadi in early 2017. 

Her previous roles included Advisory at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Investment Analyst at Danareksa. Lola currently oversees the successful administrative function and financial tasks of Marga Abhinaya Abadi.

Lola graduated with a Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Indonesia in 2005 and Master of Science in Economics and Finance from the University of Leeds.

Suci Wijayati
Suci Wijayati Human Resources Director

Suci Wijayati

Human Resources Director

Suci began her career path in Human Resources at PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk and later with Samsung Electro-Mechanics before becoming Assistant Human Resources Manager at PT Masaro Radiokom. 

She later joined Prakarsa Semesta Alam in 2008 and was its Human Resources Manager for seven years.
She was promoted to Human Resources Manager at Saligading Bersama in 2015 and entrusted as Operational Director in 2016.

She returns to her passion in Human Resouces as Director at Marga Abhinaya Abadi in early 2017. Suci studied at the University of Indonesia and graduated with a Bachelor degree in Japanese Literature.

Andhika Anggadewi
Andhika Anggadewi Legal and Compliance Director

Andhika Anggadewi

Legal and Compliance Director

Angga started her career at Prakarsa Semesta Alam as Legal Supervisor and was later promoted to Legal Manager in 2010. She continued on to a much bigger role when she was appointed General Manager Legal at in 2014, where she managed all legal aspects of the holding company and its subsidiaries and provided legal advice. Angga was later promoted to Corporate Secretary to Anugerah Berkah Madani in 2016 and Marga Abhinaya Abadi in 2017.

Angga graduated from the University of Trisakti, Jakarta, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and obtained her Master of Business Law from the University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta.


Indra Setiawan
Indra Setiawan Independent Director

Indra Setiawan

Independent Director

With over forty years of experience in various divisions and companies, Indra has been chosen as Independent Director Operational Division at Marga Abhinaya Abadi in early 2017.

Prior to joining MABA, Indra was Chief Executive Officer at Duta Sukses Utama (1993-1994), Hotel Indonesia (1995-1999), Indosat (1999-2000) and Sejahtera Mandiri Jaya (2014-2016). 

He is also experienced as Special Staff at the Ministry for Industry and Trade (2001-2002), Head of Board for Gelora Bung Karno (2005-2008), Audit Committee at Indosat and Chief Commissioner at Djasa Uber Sakti.

Indra is a graduate of Trisakti University, Jakarta, with a degree in Bachelor of Telecommunications and received his Master of Management degree from the University of Persada Indonesia.