It was the dream of founding a new line of hotels and restaurants that started Marga Abhinaya Abadi as a company. Throughout the years, the service industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The hospitality industry has positively impacted the global economy by highly contributing to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), nationally and internationally. Significantly, it has also provided numerous employment opportunities and has led to innovative property developments.


Established in 2009, Marga Abhinaya Abadi set its mind into creating and developing the brand identity: 


Samali Hotels and Resorts

Dream Food 


The aim is to create brands that would have real value, build signature products and services of quality, managed by a team of experienced professionals By being consistent in its efforts to increase brand recognition, Marga Abhinaya Abadi pursues opportunities for expansion. 






The names Marga and Abhinaya are both derived from the Sanskrit language. Marga meaning pathway, refers to the path the company is committed to undertake to achieve success. Abhinaya expresses enthusiasm, therefore it is the passion and loyalty instilled in the company’s people to consistently work and learn by heart. Abadi or never-ending, as in continuity, a sacred Indonesian word, that permits the term to keep on growing and creating. 


Marga Abhinaya Abadi, thus, is a place for those who seek and believe in the power of their dreams to develop and deliver quality and value.
















To become a leading company with our commitment to provide consistent,

genuine customer experience through the delivery of quality products and services 







To deliver consistency of quality in our products 

To ensure exceptional service at all establishments  

To give best return on investment to our shareholders

To cultivate pride and passion in the workplace

To develop true professionals and improve employee welfare

To ensure assets continuously grow in value

To always show a sense of gratitude

























<center>Joko Margono</center>

Joko Margono

<center>Andre Legoh</center>

Andre Legoh













<center>Adrian Bramantyo</center>

Adrian Bramantyo

 <center>Lola Arieza</center>

Lola Arieza

<center>Suci Wijayati</center>

Suci Wijayati

 <center>Indra Setiawan</center>

Indra Setiawan












Excellent service through all the 5 senses: hearing, touch, taste, sight and scent 

[HOTS | Harmony Of The Senses]



Samali Hotels & Resorts is a hotel chain established in August 2011 and oversees the planning and design of projects in locations around Indonesia These hotels and resorts range from Ammi Luxurious Collection (5 star), Allium Upscale Collection (4 star), Arum Traveller Collection (3 star) to Azara Bed & Breakfast Collection (2 star).


The name Samali itself is of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘bouquet’, thus, each of the hotel’s chain is designated the name of a specific flower. Samali, consequently, is a flower bouquet or a collection of flowers, creatively and thoughtfully intended for efficacy and pleasure. 


By combining the cultures and styles found in every region in a captivating mix, each Samali hotel aims to create and reflect its own individual personality, history and sense of place, enhancing its asset value, not only in terms of properties, but also in human resources. 


The Samali team pledges to provide utmost personalized and discreet service to well-travelled guests with modern facilities.



Samali Hotels & Resorts, established in August 2011,


Hotels Operating

Allium Tangerang Hotel, opened in January 2014, 

Hotel Ammi Cepu, opened in September 2014, 

Allium Cepu Hotel, opened in May 2016,


Next Destination

Hotel Ammi Medan

Arum Jogja Hotel



















Strong determination, effort and enthusiasm led towards the establishment of Dream Food. Through the profound knowledge and skills acquired by the team from over a decade of working experience revolving the hospitality industry and love of the culinary arts, Marga Abhinaya Abadi proceeded to expand its business to the restaurant industry, thus Dream Food was founded in 2011. 


Dream Food opened Petit Paris-Lyon Café ending 2014 at Essence Darmawangsa Apartment where Indonesian, French and other International dishes were served. Following its mission to promote and focus more on the Indonesian culinary tradition and heritage, the company rebranded the restaurant to Rantang Ibu – A Taste of Nusantara in early 2017.





Rantang Ibu – Taste of Nusantara proudly presents a wide selection of rich and authentic Indonesian dishes. Accentuating on the intense flavors of the Indonesian cuisines, Rantang Ibu offers its guests a whole new taste and dining experience. 


Categorized into Upscale Casual Dining and Casual Dining, Rantang Ibu ensures guests can enjoy a delightful meal in a heartwarming ambience, suitable for families, couples and gatherings.


To create a dish with passion and pride, each plate receives the personal touch and attention to detail of the Executive Chef. Ingredients are carefully selected for freshness and nutritional value to ensure quality is preserved. 


Restaurants Operating

Essence Darmawangsa Apartment, Eminence Tower 2, Lobby, Jalan Darmawangsa X No. 86, Jakarta


Next Destination

Nifarro Park, ITS Tower, Lobby, Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu No. 18, Jakarta 







































Jakarta, 22 Juni 2017



Pada hari ini, Kamis, 22 Juni 2017, saham PT Marga Abhinaya Abadi Tbk, disingkat MABA secara resmi tercatat di Bursa Efek Indonesia dengan harga perdana saham Rp 112,- per lembar saham. PT MABA Tbk melepas sejumlah (satu miliar seratus delapan puluh lima juta) saham baru atau sebanyak-banyaknya 20% (dua puluh persen) dari saham Perseroan.


Pada masa penawaran umum yang berlangsung tanggal 19 Juni 2016, terjadi oversubscribed sebesar 200 kali dari porsi penjatahan terpusat (pooling) saham yang ditawarkan kepada masyarakat.


Adrian Bramantyo, Direktur Utama: Seluruh dana yang diperoleh dari hasil penjualan saham yang ditawarkandalam Penawaran Umum Perdana Saham, setelah dikurangi biaya-biaya emisi akan digunakan oleh Perseroan sebagai berikut:


1.   Sekitar 38%(tiga puluh delapan persen ) akan digunakan untuk pembayaran sebagian pokok utang.

2.   Sekitar 34% (tiga puluh empat persen) digunakan untuk ekspansi usaha:

3.   Sekitar 28% (dua puluh delapan persen) digunakan  untuk modal kerja.


Sekilas mengenai perusahaan, PT Marga Abhinaya Abadi Tbk merupakan sebuah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang pembangunan hotel, serta akomodasi perhotelan dan restoran. MABA memiliki visi dan misi untuk menjadi perusahan terkemuka melalui komitmen untuk memberikan pengalaman pelanggan yang tulus dan konsisten melalui produk dan pelayanan yang berkualitas, penghasilan laba atas investasi yang terbaik bagi para pemegang saham, penanaman rasa bangga dan hasrat di lingkungan kerja, pengembangan professional yang sejati, peningkatan kesejahteraan karyawan, nilai aset tumbuh secara terus menerus serta rasa bersyukur di setiap waktu.


MABA telah berdiri sejak tahun 2009 di Jakarta dengan nama PT Lintas Insana Wisesa yang kemudian berubah nama menjadi PT Marga Abhinaya Abadi pada Februari 2017. 


MABA memiliki brand perhotelan dibawah naungan Samali Hotels & Resorts dengan 4 (empat) brand hotel yang diklasifikasikan sesuai kelasnya; yaitu Ammi Luxurious Collection (bintang 5), Allium Upscale Collection (bintang 4), Arum Traveller Collection (bintang 3) dan Azara Bed & Breakfast Collection. (bintang 2). Saat ini, MABA memiliki tiga hotel yang telah beroperasi yaitu Ammi Cepu, Allium Tangerang, Allium Cepu dan dua yang masih dalam proses perencanaan yaitu Ammi Medan dan Arum Jogja serta yang masih dalam tahap pembangunan, yaitu Arum Cepu.


Berbekal pengalaman mengelola restoran di hotel yang dimiliki, MABA mengembangkan usaha restoran melalui entitas anaknya yakni PT. Dream Food, dengan restoran pertama yang dibukanya yaitu Restoran Rantang Ibu yang berlokasi di Essence Apartment Darmawangsa dan di Nifarro Park, Jakarta Selatan.


Sebagai penjamin pelaksana emisi efek, MABA telah menunjuk PT Erdhika Elit Sekuritas dan PT Sinarmas Sekuritas.





















PT Marga Abhinaya Abadi Tbk


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